Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Seven Stars

Welcome to The Seven Stars blog! Much as we would like to already babble our thoughts and emotions in our very first blog, we would like to introduce ourselves first. We call our group the 'Hep Hep Society' and we are seven teenage individuals who have different personalities but through this diversity, a friendship that is solid as a diamond is formed. St. Mary Magdalene, our alma mater, had served as the witness to the friendship that's been through a lot of challenges. So enough of the talking and let's proceed to the introduction of The Seven Stars:
Chazzel 'Chase' Soriano

This girl is a self-confessed rocker. She can listen to the alternative ones up to the death metal ones. She can play the guitar and sing. She's once a vocalist of her college band, Ampersand. Chase was born on April 28, 1992 and is currently residing at Tabon, Kawit, Cavite throughout the seventeen years of her existence. She is taking up Bachelor of Science in Information Technology at STI College Bacoor and formerly attended St. Dominic College of Arts and Sciences in Talaba, Bacoor, Cavite under the same course. She dreamed of publishing her own novel and making an indie film someday and has a secret ambition to be the news anchor of CNN in the future. Aside from that, she is also a certified blog addict. You can usually spot her in the comfort of her own home sitting in front of the computer for hours while babbling all of her thoughts and emotions to her fellow bloggers in the world of the blogosphere. She is the person responsible behind The Seven Stars Blog.
Camille 'Cams' Olaes

This girl has one of the strongest personalities in the group. Dare to mess up with her or else, you're going to face your worst nightmare. But Cams is not the type of person who fights for herself. She doesn't want her friends to be hurt, too that's why she is one of the fiercest protectors in the group. Some people mistaken her as snobbish, but the truth is, Cams is just afraid to trust on strangers but once you gained her trust, you can be assured that you will keep her as a friend forever. Cams was born on September 15, 1991 and is currently residing at Potol, Sta. Isabel, Kawit, Cavite. She is taking up Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Banking and Finance at San Sebastian College Recoletos de Cavite. She also has one of the greatest fashion sense in the group and her fashion style is heavily influenced by her music genre of choice, which is RnB, love songs and a little bit of Hip Hop. Cams is also one of the GM addicts in the group. And when the group has a gimmick, just call Cams and you'll have your very own companion with you.

Erika Mae 'Eka' Frani

Like Camille, Erika has also a strong personality that is fierce and very dangerous - but only to the people that she hates the most. This girl is very straightforward and brutally honest. She says openly what's on her mind regardless of what you will think about her. She is true to herself and doesn't pretend to be somebody that she's not. Erika was born on May 10, 1992 and is currently residing at San Juan, Noveleta, Cavite. She's now making her ambition to be a teacher come true as she is currently attending Philippine Christian University in Manila and is taking up Bachelor of Science in Special Education. Eka is an independent girl and she doesn't need a grown up to do such tasks for her because she can do it on her own. She is the only girl in the group who is attached and she's been happily attached with her boyfriend of three years, Arglo Agana. We rarely see this girl because of her busy schedules but she never fails to check up on her friends and text them to make sure that everything is okay.

Rachelle Allen 'Chelle' Co

Chelle is the Cinderella of our group because her parents do impose a curfew regarding her gimmicks. She is also our Angel Locsin look-alike because her face resembles much of Angel Locsin. If the group would have a candidate for a beauty contest, that would be her. This girl ambitions to be a model or either an actress someday and we never doubt that will happen. Chelle is very soft-spoken but sometimes when she's too overwhelmed and excited, her voice turns out to be high-pitched shrill. Chelle was born on September 10, 1991 and is currently residing at Tabon, Kawit, Cavite - just a few blocks away from Chase's house. Yes, she's the oldest of the group. She is taking up Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Marketing at San Sebastian College Recoletos de Cavite. Chelle also has a soft-heart who doesn't like enemies. She will admit a mistake that she never did because she doesn't want other people to hate her. Once you became her friend, you can keep a very loyal companion with you. But we don't usually bonded with her when it comes to gimmicks and that is because of her curfew.

Jerrah Mae 'Jemay' Anglo

Jemay is the party animal of the group because she is fond of bar hopping and clubbing with her college friends. When there's a gimmick, it is Jemay that you can call alongside with Camille and she never fails to show up. Jemay, also like Camille, has one of the greatest fashion sense in the group. She is crazy over Asianovelas like Fated to Love You, Hana Yori Dango and Boys over flowers. She likes listening to a little bit of techno, RnB, Hip Hop, J-Pop and K-Pop. She has a lot of crushes in Korean boys and would like to travel Korea someday. Jemay has this natural comedienne in her and she never fails to make you laugh whenever one of the members of the group is having problems. She never had a boyfriend because she's careful for her heart to get broken. She was born on March 25, 1992 and is currently residing at San Juan, Noveleta, Cavite. She is taking up Mass Communication at St. Scholastica's College in Manila. She used to take up BS Psych, but due to some private reasons, she decided to shift her course.

Regine 'Rhegz' Escalante

This girl is the athlete of the group. She is a seven-timer badminton champion of our alma mater and because of her amazing skills in smashing, the badminton varsitarians are proud of her. Rhegz is the type of person that is soft-hearted like Chelle and also doesn't want enemies on her way. This girl has a penchant of travelling. Throughout her puberty years and teenage years, she had traveled to countries like Hong Kong, UK and US. This girl also dreams of travelling Japan and Korea after graduating college. She was born on May 29, 1992 and is currently residing at Binakayan, Kawit, Cavite. She is taking up Computer Engineering at San Sebastian College Recoletos de Cavite and the representative of her year level. This girl can sing and dance. Like Chase, Rhegz is also an internet addict. If boredom strucks her, you can usually see her in front of her laptop and surf all day on the net.

Rizaldy 'Zaldy' Buensalida

Zaldy is the future chef of the group because of her amazing skills when it comes to cooking. Aside from the cooking thing, this guy can also mix amazing drinks which will also make him a great bartender in the future. Whenever the group comes into his house, he would openly prepare his specialties to us like Strawberry Cake, Spaghetti and his very own Zaldy's fried rice. From a little boy, he has now evolved into a mature teenager guy who is now concerned of vanity and fashion. This guy also has a huge crush on Angel Locsin, like, forever. Zaldy was born on August 14, 1992 which makes him the youngest of the group and he is currently residing at Potol, Sta. Isabel, Kawit, Cavite - just a few blocks away from Cams' house. He is taking up Hotel and Restaurant Management at St. Joseph's College in Cavite City.

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